Saturday, November 17, 2018


I have been working so hard on this little show of mine, heading to the studio most days in-between teaching and other jewellery jobs, working back late, weekends, etc. I have learnt something about myself through this doesn't suit me to work like this. I see a lot of other creatives doing the same thing, working non-stop. Some don't really mind (they are half my age), others complain about how much it takes away from their lives. So, why do we (creatives trying to make a living) sacrifice one thing for another? That old chestnut, you can't have your cake and eat it too might be a little true when it comes to making a living from what you love, or maybe it's just in my case.  

This has been a huge life lesson for me, I am not keen to sacrifice my health and the little things I enjoy. I absolutely love being a jeweller and object maker, but I also love hanging out with my family and friends, riding my bike, heading to the beach, sipping get where I am going. 

So, after I show this work, which, by the way I am very proud of, I am taking a long holiday and then working at a regular pace with proper time off in-between. There's a lot to be said for working 9-5pm or maybe 10-4pm. 

The photos below are a few more things I have been making for my show...


Nature is the truest idealist. 
When she serves us best - when on rare days,
she speaks to the imagination - we feel that the
huge heaven and earth are but a web drawn around us;
that the light skies, and the mountains, 
are but the painted vicissitudes of the soul. 

- R.W. Emerson

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