Saturday, October 13, 2018


So, lately I have been working non-stop on my exhibition pieces as well as trying to keep my little business afloat. Running a one woman show does take its toll and I feel a tad tired from it all. Anyway, I have taken a forced day off today to clean my house (well over-due) and to put my feet up.

Apart from feeling tired, I am mostly pleased with what I am making, it certainly hasn't been an easy road to get here, I have to say I was a little 'creatively constipated' early on and now I am in a nice groove.

Starting with a dot, a speck, a tiny detail repeated over and over, this idea ties all of this new work together. I am also trying to bring some movement to the pieces, either deliberately applying articulation or imbuing a sense of flow; aspects of nature that I am drawn to.

My making is referencing my early days, I am doing things I used to do years ago, things I would put in my scrap pile cause I just couldn't do them well enough. Not wanting to sound like I'm up-myself, but now I can make these things and make them well, experience does count for something I guess.

The photos above are just some bits and pieces of unfinished work.

Now, back to being a couch potato...

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