Friday, August 31, 2018


So, I have been making lots of pots that will form the base for my jewellery pieces to be shown at the JamFactory at the end of the year. These pots are slip cast porcelain that I have made markings on.  I am always looking on the ground, looking for details, tiny specks, microcosms of life under my feet. This picture was taken a long time ago, but has given me some inspiration for decorating the porcelain. I was on a morning walk, nearly home and the sunlight revealed a shimmery, silvery trail on the footpath. The trail resembles perfect links on a necklace, a jewel on a concrete path. 

Working on the pots has been so rewarding, I have allowed myself to make marks with little thought, working intuitively, feeling the work and processes rather than calculating at every turn. I am finding as I mature as a maker, the less I plan, the more the work is a genuine reflection of my experiences and wanderings. All the pots are in a friends kiln now, ready to be adorned when they come out, fingers crossed they emerge unscathed. 

See in the hedgerow
Mark of angel's feet,
Epics in each pebble
Underneath our feet.

- C. Kingsley

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