Saturday, August 27, 2016


The other day I took a drive, with a friend, to the Australian Arid Lands Botanical Gardens in Port Augusta, South Australia. It was an early start, leaving Adelaide at around 6.30am, but so worth the bleary-eyes. The sun was out and the sky was as blue as blue, as you can see from the pictures, a super Winter's day. I go a bit mad taking photos of Australian natives, I do miss living in the country sometimes. I used to live on 5 acres, with gorgeous native gardens and huge eucalyptus trees. I love how on a tree there are so many stages of growth, from the closed pods to spent flowers, mother nature does it every time, she's resilient, strong and giving. 

The pictures below are wattle, flowering gum, Hakea, paper daisies and a couple of Eremophilas. 

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