Thursday, May 26, 2016


Hi there dear reader, I hope this blog post finds you well. It's amazing I am writing another blog post, two in one week is unheard of for me, it must be the fact that I don't have a television to distract me. I quite like not having one where I am staying, I listen to music, read and have lots of the much needed catch up sleep I have been missing out on.

Today I spent the day in Auckland, I ventured over to the Art Gallery, Fingers Gallery and the Museum. My absolute favourite part of the day hands down was the 3 hours I spent in the Museum. I am drawn to the decorative arts and traditional crafts practices and needed my fix, I wasn't disappointed. This museum is filled with so much rich Maori and pacific islander artefacts its overwhelming (in a good way). I took a plethora of photos and only wish I had packed my camera today, unfortunately I only had my phone, so please excuse the quality of the images below, they are a little rough. 

This time away is proving to be the medicine I needed to inspire new work, just taking the time out and allowing my focus to be distracted by my surroundings has made it so much easier to formulate new ideas and step outside an old way of thinking. So here's some of the things that distracted me today. 


Neckpiece - Morobe, Papua New Guinea
Orchard stems, cuscus claws

Armour - Dirana Village Irian Jaya

'Civaonovono' Breast plate - Fiji
Whales tooth

Detail of breast plate above

Whales tooth breast plate - Fiji

Child's feather headdress - Papua New Guinea

Carved comb

Neckpiece - Papua New Guinea

Neckpiece - Solomon Islands

Waistband - Solomon Islands

Beaded loin cloth - Manus Island Papua New Guinea

Bilum Bag - Guap Island, Papua New Guinea

Detail from above

Bilum Bag - West Sepik Coast, Papua New Guinea

Detail from above

Ear ornaments - Solomon Islands

Neckpiece - Solomon Islands

Neckpiece - New Guinea

Leg Rattle (detail) - Hawaii

Tuluma, Fishing box - Maori Tokelau community


Detail of carving

Carved Kauri Gum


Scrimshaw, Whales Tooth

Shell Trumpet - Maori

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