Thursday, December 26, 2013


Well hello dear reader, it has been some time since I wrote anything on my little blog, so I thought I should remedy that situation and slam a few words down. Life has been exhausting for me of late, lots of working and not a lot of resting, but it's all been very worthwhile. Now that I have some time to breathe a little, I thought I would send out a big thank you to all that have supported me this year. If you have bought a piece of my jewellery, attended one of my classes or just made me a cuppa this year, I want to tell you that your support means the world to me. You all have made a difference in my life, you make it all worthwhile and I am very grateful for your generosity. 

So, I guess you are wondering why I have popped a video about The Jam Factory on my blog, well that's part of my news. I have been accepted into the associate program in the metals studio! I will be relocating to Adelaide and get to spend the next two years doing what I love. I am planning on working on larger scale objects and vessels and am so excited to get the chance to be in this unique environment!

So, dear reader wish me luck. I will post more next year about what I get up to and you can check out my instagram and facebook pages as well, to see what's going down in Adelaide town. 

Happy New Year all! I hope that the new year treats you well and you achieve all that you wish for yourself. 

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