Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I recently made these rings using, silver, gold, sapphires and tourmalines. I set the stones myself, it is something that I have taught myself over the years. I was given a quick lowdown on how to gypsy (or flush) set by a fabulous stone setter one day. This guy could set stones with his eyes shut and his hands tied behind his back, maybe not the hands tied bit but you get where I am going with this, he is so skilled at what he does, a rockin' stone setter. He told me it's as easy as pie, just drill a hole, then burr it out to fit the stone in and rub the metal around the stone to hold it into place. Easy, peesy lemon squeezy...well not really. It looks easy when someone shows you and then when you have a go, well it kind of goes wrong in every way. I stuck with it though and am glad to say that I can do gypsy setting if I want to. 

I hope that your day has been or is turning out to be fine dear reader, till next time.  

P.S. I am running a ring making workshop on Saturday 21st September at The Art Gallery of Ballarat. I will teach you how to measure, cut, solder and finish your very own silver ring. I will also show you how to make your ring truly unique with a variety of finishes. If you are interested check out more info at my workshops page on my website

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