Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Today I ran a workshop at the Art Gallery of Ballarat. We spent some time checking out the current exhibition 'The Art of Science - Scientific Illustrations from Museum Victoria' and used certain aspects of the drawings in the exhibition to create wearable pieces. Drawings were painted with watercolours, cut, laminated and reconfigured to create brooches, neckpieces and earrings. 

A big thanks to Mia P, Ella M, Sojeong, Sophie, Ella J, Jasmine, Emily, Jilly, Zoe, Olivia, Mia, Anna and Montanah for taking part today. Lots of great pieces were made! 

Mia's wing neckpiece and snake brooch above

Emily's bird head brooches above

Sojeong's birds head brooch and butterfly neckpiece

Butterfly brooch made by Montanah above

Mia's colourful wing neckpiece

Jilly's bat paw brooch above

Sophie's earrings and brooch above

Jasmine's collage brooch above

Ella's work for the day above

Curly bird tails make up Olivia's neckpiece

Zoe's brooch, earrings  & neckpiece 

Ella's owl inspired neckpiece