Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I've been looking through some old photos and slides of things I have made in the past and I came across this one. I made these neckpieces in 2002 and called them 'Mama Squids'. I played around with the squid design a few years earlier making earrings that I still wear today. 

Looking back is something us humans do a lot of. Sometimes we can get a little stuck in the past and need a little nudge to be present. I get a little carried away with what great things I could achieve in the future and forget to be in the here and now. So what makes it so hard to just BE, dear reader. Is there going to be something better around the corner? Who really knows? 

Kids are really good at living in the moment, they play, eat and sleep and do it all again the next day. Remembering to be a kid once in a while could probably be the medicine I need at the moment. I'm working with some kids at the art gallery tomorrow, so I will learn a lesson or two. 

So dear reader, enjoy your day today, whatever it will bring.  

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