Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Some people are ideas people, you know the ones, the people that come up with so many ideas but never seem to stick to one thing. I have to admit that I do like to 'think out loud', so tend to talk about my ideas with friends and family and not always follow them through. But, there is a reason for this, there are BRILLIANT and AVERAGE ideas that flow through my brain constantly, so I write down the average ones, and make a plan and schedule time to see those BRILLIANT ones through until the end, regardless of the outcome. 

As time passes, those AVERAGE ideas can turn into BRILLIANT ones and the hard work starts all over again. There are so many people out there writing about how to turn your passion into a living. You can read all these points of view all day while you procrastinate on how you will actually make it happen. We say this to our children at school all the time "stay on task". Start with something and consistently work towards a goal. Set tasks for yourself and do them, tick them off the list and before you know it, with lots of HARD WORK you will have turned an idea into your own reality. Hard work is the key to it all, don't you think dear reader? 

Rilla Alexander via 99u

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