Wednesday, October 17, 2012


"Art is for everybody," according to Asawa. "It is not something that you should have to go to the museums in order to see and enjoy. When I work on big projects, such as a fountain, I like to include people who haven't yet developed their creative side — people yearning to let their creativity out. I like designing projects that make people feel safe, not afraid to get involved." 

via the Ruth Asawa website here

Ruth Asawa's fabulous sculptures made from crocheted wire are meticulously created, one loop at a time. I am in awe and drawn to artists that are process driven and take time (a lot of time) to create their work. An artist's story (or any person's story for that matter) is equally important and of interest to me. 

Ruth was 16 years old when, together with her family was sent to an internment camp on the United States West Coast. There were many of these camps dotted around the globe during World War II, we had some here in Australia. These camps were set up to house people that descended from "enemy countries" such as Germany, Italy and in Ruth Asawa's case, Japan; to protect a country's security during the war. (I'm not even going to get into how much this upsets me). 

Anyway, I'll continue...

Ruth lived in a horse stable for six months and during that time she started to draw and paint together with professional artists that were also living in the camp. During this time, she found something that changed her life in a very deep way. And, we are very blessed that she did.  

The bulbous forms that hang mostly from the ceiling remind me of Ernst Haeckel's sketches of Radiolaria

All images are from the fabulous blog Mondo Blogo.


  1. Wonderful article and photos, Sylvia!
    Today is my last day of my one-week training in clamping technology with new colleagues and in the afternoon I'm going to enjoy the pleasurable autumn sun (hopefully)...
    Last Saturday I was in contact with some guys from down under. New Zealand was guest of honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair this year. So I had the chance to make the acquaintance with my first real Maori...
    ...quite a nice and impressive guy! :-)
    Have a great and inspiring weekend in your part of planet Earth!

  2. Hi Uwe,

    Hope your weekend so far is enjoyable and full of that lovely autumn sun.

    "clamping technology"? What is that? Sounds medical?

    Did you find any good books at the fair last week?

    All the best.