Tuesday, September 25, 2012


"Education has given me more than just the ability to make choices in my life. It has given me a sense of purpose, pride and confidence and I truly wish that for my students and any learner for that matter. I desire them to possess an excitement of learning, sharing that enthusiasm and what they learn with others. I hope that they take an active role in their education, to make decisions about their learning and most importantly, that they enjoy it." (This is my teaching philosophy.) 

I have an immense love of learning. Although, it hasn't always been that way. All I can remember from school was that I had to learn things that didn't interest me and if I didn't pass my HSC (Higher School Certificate) I couldn't move to the big smoke. Thankfully I did pass and little did I know, would experience learning in a whole new way. 

I'd never heard of inquiry based learning before, until I began my degree at university (1992). The course I studied was not a traditional degree where you sit in a lecture theatre and take notes from "an expert" standing in front of you. No, the course I'd enrolled myself into involved lots of sitting on the floor in a circle and discussing topics related to people and the environment they are part of, both natural and manufactured. We were able to undertake "action research" projects in the "real" world, write poetry as part of assessment and engage in heated debates with the lecturers (facilitators), it was liberating. The environment was supportive, respectful and engaging, providing a perfect dialectic between theory and practice. 

Since then, I haven't been able to stop reading, researching, collecting, experimenting and asking questions. Learning is da bomb!

I wonder, do you, dear reader, love this learning thing as much as I do? Or does it give you knots in your belly or bore you to tears? What would help you light that fire? 


  1. I'm totally with you, dear Sylvia!
    In Sachen (lebenslanges) Lernen sind wir Brüder und Schwestern im Geiste!
    Learing rocks... :-)

  2. Natürlich. Ich wünschte nur, dass ich die Liebe des Lernens für alle vorbei!

    Ich habe eine neue Kamera und haben einige Fotos bald (nachdem ich haben herausgefunden, wie es zu benutzen dachte) und veröffentlichen sie auf dem Blog!

    Alles Gute Uwe

  3. Ich freue mich schon auf die Fotos aus deiner neuen Kamera, Sylvia!
    Dir noch eine gute Zeit down under,

    Grüße von upside down! (Oder war es downside up???) ;-)