Saturday, July 7, 2012


After an exhausting but fulfilling couple of weeks teaching and also running workshops for 180 students at the Art Gallery of Ballarat, I took the opportunity to go and spend a few days with my brother, sister-in-law and nieces. Even though it rained on and off for most of the time, I managed to get down to the beach each day. My nieces loved helping me find things to photograph while we explored  the rock pools, collected shells and danced when the sun peaked through the clouds. 

I got a little obsessed with the tube worms, I love how they make their home on the rocks in massive clumps. The tide was well and truly out, so lots of urchins and star fish were left on the sand and rocks. And, did I mention shells, wow, these beaches were littered with so many tiny shells that crunched under foot.  

I haven't had that much time to sit at the bench lately cause of all the teaching, so I am really looking forward to being in the studio next week. I have a few things in the pipeline that I am itching to share, but you will have to be patient, as I am taking my time on them and won't reveal anything until they are all done. So, with that said I will leave you dear reader to enjoy your day or evening (wherever you may be). 


  1. Wonderful photographs, Sylvia! Your beach section looks like a place I could fall in love with, too. Starfish like these I've never seen before. Are they real (or made of leather)? :-)
    On Friday I'm going to take the aircraft and will fly to Tokyo the second time exactly three years after my first trip in 2009. I'm really excited and looking forward to meeting some old and new Japanese colleagues. And to take some Tokyo photos of course...
    Have a great time as well,
    xxx & ooo, Uwe.

  2. Hello Uwe!

    Nice to hear from you. Yes the starfish are real!! I couldn't believe it when I came across them sitting on the rocks.

    Wow! That's fabulous! You are off to Tokyo! I hope that your travels are safe and that you take plenty of photos for us all to enjoy. Eat plenty of sushi - my favourite :-)

    All the very best


  3. ...2700 photos within the first three days and, yes, sushi (the best, the only one, from a grandmaster of o-sushi) for 8000 yen per head!


  4. A true photographer Uwe!

    My rule is take more than you think you should, you can always delete the ones that don't cut it.

    Enjoy the sushi and company.

    Safe travels.