Saturday, April 28, 2012


"I sat down on a convenient rock, shut my eyes and recited to myself, 'I am not at home, nor near any city or people; I am far out in the Pacific near a desert island, sitting on the bottom of the ocean; I am deep down in the water in a place where no human being has ever been before; it is one of the greatest moments of my whole life; thousands of people would pay large sums, would forego much for five minutes of this!' " 
- William Beebe, New York Zoological Society, December 25th, 1925 (here)

image from here


  1. Willy looks like a colleague working in the same company like me...
    ...but there he doesn't take an umrella with him!

    Yesterday I could have used a sunshade as well. We had the first hot summerday on Saturday 28 with a maximum temperature of 33°C in the late afternoon. Today it's overcast and 15°C colder... ;-)


  2. William Beebe has a doppelganger.

    It sounds like it is hotting up already over there! Lucky you! It is getting colder here everyday! :-(