Sunday, May 1, 2011


via here 

Rod Mcrae sculpture via here 

rest via here 


  1. Hi Sylvia!

    How's life on your side of plante Earth??? ;-)

    It's already a long time ago we've been in contact with each other. For a number of reasons I don't get around to blog as often as the years before. And unfortunately I don't cultivate my blogger friendships as often as before as well. So it's a kind of one-way-street communication at the moment. You certainly know what I'm talking/writing about... ;-)

    But that's OK - currently I'm far away from being bored. "Real life" is rather exciting presently and there are much more personal and vocational projects than time to get through with all of them.

    You posted a really "nice / mice" collection of curiosities - that's the type of photographs I appreciate!

    Pass auf dich auf und melde dich mal wieder, wenn du Lust und Zeit hast!


  2. Hello Uwe!

    With a little bit of help from my Mama, I send you a message in German...

    In der letzten zeit bin ich sehr beschaetigt, da ich seit des aufang des jahres nun Studiere. Freizeit gibt es sehr wenig und blogging leided euchdarunter.
    Es hoert sich an dass alles in deinem leben gut vorran geht. Es freut mich auch wehn ich ab und zu von dir hoere...
    Ich habe vor nach meiner Abschliessung von meinen studium hoechstwahrscheinlich im naechsten jahr noch Eropa au gehen. Wer weiss vielleicht komme ich und sag grusse gott ein tag..
    Bis zum naechsten mal


  3. That sounds great, Sylvia!

    Enjoy your weekend, be a hard-working student and present compliments to your dear mother!

    Your German is at least as perfectly as my English... ;-))